RTU Telemetry & Data Logging Modules 

RTUs/PLCs and Controllers featuring leading edge telemetry functionality including data logging, advanced communication facilities and utility specific protocols

SNMP Alarm & Control 

SNMP Alarm and Control Agent for Network Management Systems. Used for facility monitoring and control via SNMP by discrete I/O – digital and analogue

I/O Expansion Modules 

Wide choice of I/O expansion modules.

Power Supplies/UPS 

Range of power supplies and UPS with battery chargers for I/O Expansion modules and RTUs

Communication Devices 

Industrial PSTN, GSM, GPRS, RADIO Modems and advanced Communicators


Multi-function and multi-voltage electronic timers


Add extra Ethernet ports to the RTU via USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter to connect instantly to 10/100Mbps network

Legacy Products 

List of discontinued series of products.

RTU Software and Tools 

Includes all applicable software for hardware products and relevant applications

 Kepware OPC 

OPC Server products from Kepware

Youtube Engineer videos 

Videos made by Engineers for Engineersk

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