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Find out more about distributed and remote I/O.

Plant applications have large amounts of I/O that need to be distributed remotely because of the various separated areas that form the plant. The physical size of the I/O is important, but the remote I/O must also be managed by the primary/central PLC/RTU ie. as an extension of its own physical I/O.

This application note describes how the RTU32M series I/O modules can be used in plant applications where I/O is both distributed within a cabinet and located remotely around the plant on an Ethernet LAN.

DIY - Upgrade online if required
Scale your solution as you go - using the same CPU for 8 I/O to >1000 I/O. Unlock upgrades for RAM, CPU speed, tag counts, drivers and features yourself online. Start small, then add options if you need a monster capable of >100K variables. Welcome to the future...
Take me to design
Supports 3 types of Redundancy
Take me to Design
Upgrade CPU speed, RAM, Drivers, Firmware with software.Start with 200 MHz, and upgrade to 900 MHz if you later in the project are facing +100K variables. The only platform that is so scalable and fleksible
Print out a QR code and stick it on the cabinet.  Now you have a digital cockpit. See the video, it comprehensively shows how to make your cabinet smart. All that knowledge for no effort – what’s there not to love about that! 
Jim Grandison
Jim Grandison
Technical Manager
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“The work that Brodersen is doing is an important part of our SCADA investment programme. We are replacing a total of 8,500 obsolete units across the water and waste water networks. This new generation of advanced technology devices will provide Thames with up-to-date information to help us to reduce flooding, reduce the incidence and impact of low water pressure and lead to better customer service. We are really pleased to be working with Brodersen who are showing a commitment and level of technical competence needed to meet a very challenging delivery programme.”
Tim Wagner
Tim Wagner
Programe Manager
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N-ERGIE integrated two SCADA systems to one Network Control Center. All in all 15 110/20-kV substations and 30 medium voltage substations and about 1700 distribution grid stations were updated. This system update placed significant demands on remote sub-systems containing elements of both flexibility and future expandability. All in all, the new system was designed to integrate existing and new system parts to deliver data for enhanced monitoring of energy consumption. Brodersen Systems supplied more than 1,700 RTUs using IEC60870-5-104 communication via the customer's telecommunication grid. Each RTU has built-in interfaces for IEC-1107 and IEC-102 meters. In conclusion, the system continuously functions to our full satisfaction. Best regards, Tim wagner
K.C. Srinivasarao
K.C. Srinivasarao
Sr. DGM (Electrical& Instrumentation)
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This is to certify that M/s Sarvani Telecom Pvt Ltd, 173-C, Vengalrao nagar, Hyderabad have supplied and successfully commissioned DAS system between our 132KV/6.9KV KCP substation and ALDC/ Nunna / APTRANSCO for real time data transfer of our 18 MW CPP and 1.15 MW Solar plant data to APTRANSCO SCADA system by utilizing the RTU Brodersen RT32. Performance of the overall system found to be satisfactory. For The KCP Limited K.C. Srinivasarao Sr. DGM (Electrical& Instrumentation)

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