It just 'works'...

WorkSuite provides a powerful and flexible development platform for creation of RTU applications. 


WorkSuite includes ‘wizards’ and software tools that allow rapid setup of;

– local and remote I/O 

– communications interfaces

– logic programs

– data storage and transfer

– user interfaces / HMI

Applications can be created quickly from existing project templates, or by following steps 1-3 as described below

1 - Setup I/O (auto discovery)

This part is too easy!  If you are connected to the RTU, the I/O module list can be auto-generated by selecting ‘Upload from RTU’.  If not connected, add modules from the menu to create your desired RTU layout.

2 - Protocols and Tags

The RTU is ‘multi-lingual’…  Choose one or more protocols and define the  tags/variables needed to associate the I/O and program data  with the protocols.  Each tag may be used by multiple protocols.

3 - Logic Programs

Fight amongst yourselves about whether to program in ladder logic, function block diagram or structured text…  Each has its merits, but best of all – you can convert from one format to the other, or use them all!

WorkSuite - loads of functions and tools that aid in project development and RTU deployment

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WorkSuite project examples for download coming soon…