The most Powerful & Versatile RACK RTU on the Market

With configuration and programming facilities that provide unique flexibility, the RTU32R Series sets new standards for combined RTU, PLC and general communication performance. All these facilities and possibilities are provided through user-friendly tools and well-known environments – keeping your application development deployed fast and simplified!


The supporting of all 5 IEC61131-3 PLC language gives the programmer freedom to choose. Program the RTU from VPN, Remote Desktop, Dial-Up, Direct Ethernet, Serial RS232/485.
If special complex Function Blocks are needed they can be created in C, C++ or simply turning LD, ST, IL, SFC into a new Function block. Add it to your library for later use and optimize your performance on new jobs.


RTU32R Series is the ideal solution for your utility or infrastructure application. With its versatility RTU32R can take almost any role like local regulation and fast control, advanced communication gateway functions and data concentrator functions. Combined with capability of handling over 100.000 TAGs this makes the RTU32R extreme powerful.


RTU32R has all the standard utility protocols, 61850 Client/Server, DNP3 Client/server & Mater/Slave, 60870client/server & Mater/Slave ,DNP3 WITS Server/Slave, Modbus Client/Server & Mater/Slave, Profinet, DF1, DLMS. Conversion between all protocols is now made easy!
Included in our software is SCL editor and SCL simulator. Import your IED devise SCL file and test it against the RTU32 to get proof of your job before FAT test. We also have 60870-5-101, 60870-5-103, 60870-5-104 simulation suite to verify your complete application before going to site.


The standard RTU32R comes with 60 I/O, supports over 1000 I/O see the datasheets for different models. The complete RTU32 series can be programmed with the same software, and the same code can be used in the smaller models like RTU32 & RTU32S . Reuse your code across the different models.

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