Powerful RTU with 64 built in I/O

The RTU32E is powerful and versatile. It provides current and future-proof functionality – with a footprint and connectors to fit the past. It allows rapid upgrade of legacy equipment and avoids the significant costs of replacing or rewiring cabinets.

The RTU32E supports IP and serial connections using PSTN, leased lines, GSM, GPRS, 3G/4G, ADSL and radio. A wide selection of communications drivers enables interfacing with various SCADA hosts, RTUs, PLCs and field devices. SCADA protocols include IEC61850, IEC60870, MODBUS, DNP3 and DNP3 WITS.
With 64 on board I/O (12x AI, 32x DI, 16x DO and 4x AO), built in 3G modem support, 2x high-speed LAN, 4 serial ports + 2x USB ports, Brodersen makes it easy to upgrade and meet the demands for the future. RTU32E supports all drivers used in the utility sector, among DNP3, 60870, 61850, Ethernet IP, Modbus, Profinet, DLMS/COSEM, SNMP, and convert between them all with ease.

RTU32E is the ideal product for upgrading legacy outstations to achive the latest technology.  The RTU series is programmed with WorkSuite, it is possible to tryout the software free of charge. The demo software is limited to 40 I/O. The software can be downloaded at the Download page.