Powerful RTU & PLC

Brodersen RTU32 Series is a compact RTU & PLC based on a 32-bit 500 MHz CPU with a Realtime Operating System. RTU32 supports multiple utility protocols: 61850, DNP3, 60870, DNP3 WITS, Modbus, profibus, Profinet, DF1, DLMS… and more. Conversion between protocols is easy!

With configuration and programming facilities that provide unique flexibility, the RTU32 Series sets new standards for combined RTU, PLC and general communication performance. All these facilities and possibilities are provided through user-friendly tools and well-known environments – keeping your application development deployed fast and simplified.

RTU32 Series is the ideal solution for your utility or infrastructure application. With its versatility RTU32 can take almost any role like local regulation and fast control, advanced communication gateway functions and data concentrator functions.

The RTU32 series can be programmed in all IEC-61131-3 LD, FBD, ST, IL, SFC and function Blocks can be created in C, C++.

RTU32 can be connected directly to Brodersen 3G modem via USB, all setup is done at the webpage. Function Blocks are ready made for seamless integration with the modem. Use the built in VPN client where all configuration are done at a webpage.

With the support for up to 8 x 3kV isolated RS232/RS485/RS422 com ports and  possibility of up to 1000 I/O connected directly to the RTU it is among the most versatile RTUs on the market.