IEC61850 Client

KEMA Certified IEC 61850 Digital Substation

In the transition towards a smarter grid, the adoption of IEC 61850-based substation automation and control systems is among the most notable trends. Brodersen provides comprehensive RTU solutions that support IEC 61850 Edition 1 & Edition 2. This enables fast, reliable, and secure access to data and control over the substation. Log directly from within the RTU for enchanced protocol analysis using Wireshark. Brodersen RTUs support IEC 61850 Client & Server with GOOSE. 

IEC 61850 Client

The Brodersen IEC 61850 Client interface allows the RTU to connect with IEC 61850 devices (IEDs/Servers) and discover their list of logical nodes. RTU variables can be automatically generated from all/parts of the discovered data and used to map or translate the data for use with other protocols – making it easy to consolidate data from multiple devices, and to provide HMI functionality 

KEMA Certified 61850 Client

Overview – creating an IEC 61850 client application

The slideshow below shows how an IEC 61850 client application is created and includes extracts from an example substation. 

1 - create an example 61850 Client Project
Add a new project in WorkSuite, then add the 61850 Client driver and add a Master Port (comms channel).
2 - query the server
After querying the server, select the variables and attributes of interest.
3 - large substations have multiple servers
The example here shows the RTU connecting with 17x IEDs/Servers. Logical devices within each server manage control, measurements and protection. This RTU has almost 4,000 variables connected via the IEC61850 client interface!
4 - project overview
This RTU application includes many logic programs and protocols to manage the substation. Protocols used include IEC61850 Client (with IEDs), IEC61850 Server (to the SCADA host - as consolidated data), DNP3 Master and Slave (to IEDs and other SCADA hosts) and Modbus (local HMI - Panel PC).

Click on an icon below to find out more about a particular protocol or driver.

Demo program and app note links – soon…