3G modem for RTU32 Series Plug & Play

UCM-94 3G/GPRS Modem

UCM-94/1 is an industrial 3G, UMTS, GPRS Modem designed for use with the Brodersen RTU32 Series.


The UCM-94 support quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and

triple band UMTS/HDSPA modem enables Brodersen RTUs to communicate wireless telemetry data and SMS over public and private APN.



3G/GPRS/UMTS/HDSPA connection management and maintenance is controlled by the RTU logic and provide an open wireless network connection for any network based communication protocol like Modbus TCP, IEC60870 or DNP3.


Main communication and power interface is USB 2.0 and the UCM-94 has a covered built-in SIM card slot. External antenna is connected via the SMA antenna connector to provide good field strength to ensure reliable communication links. In addition the UCM-94 has a watchdog interface for hard resetting the modem.

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