Wall mounted GSM/GPRS/3G/4G antenna with cable and
mounting bracket for installation on walls and other vertical
surfaces. Fully integrated cable ensures 100% water proof
260mm high antenna rod made in plastic/polyamide and
corrosion protected metal bracket.

Ordering Code:

Type                 Description

UCA-AW-5      Wall mounted antenna with 5m cable.
UCA-AW-10    Wall mounted antenna with 10m cable


Technical Data

Frequency range: 800-960 and 1710-2170MHz.

VSWR:                   2.0:1 typical.

Impedance:          50 Ohm

Gain (typical):      2,5dB

Max. power:        50 watts.

Dimensions:        260mm (h).

Weight:             < 100 gram

Cable:               5m or 10m RG58 U.

Connector:       SMA male (straight)

Ambient temperature:

Storage:           -40 – +90°C

Operation:       -20 – +75°C