Repair Procedure

Repair Procedure

Repair of products older than 7 years

The general policy of Brodersen A/S is that under normal circumstances the repair of products older than 7 years counted from the date of production is not carried out. Instead we recommend buying a new product for replacement. The reason for this is that we find it unfavorably to the client to pay repair expenses on a product that is past what we estimate to be half a product lifetime. This means that despite our repairing of a product, the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) time will still be reduced since parts of the components inside the product have been exposed to years of operation.

Repair of product less than 7 years old
Products returned to Brodersen A/S MUST be accompanied with the RMA number and a detailed failure description to ensure the quickest and most efficient service from us. Please request a RMA number by sending an email to sales

Inspection of the product

Products returned to Brodersen A/S will be inspected to find the fault in the module.

If the module is within its warranty period and the failure has been caused by a faulty component, there will be no charge for inspection.
If the warranty has expired or the module has failed due to an external or operational cause, an inspection fee of EUR 80 will be charged.

Repairing the product

After inspection of the product, a repair estimate is sent for your acceptance prior to repair. The repair process will be put on standby until customer confirmation has been received..

If choosing to repair the product, the module will be refurbished and the inspection fee will be calculated as part of the final repair cost.
All repair estimates are exclusive freight cost, which is charged separately.

Repair time

General time of the repair process is about 2-3 weeks, not including stops or standby periods while waiting for customer replies.