RS232/RS485 Isolated Serial communication module with 4 x Ports

The module is plug & Play and support Hot – Swap
Easy to configure within the worksuite software studio
4x RJ12 connectors for PORTS 1-4
1x 8way Dip-switch for RS232/RS485 modes
1x 2way Dip-switch, for RS485 half/full duplex modes
1x Dual color LED for status
Two LEDs at each port for indicating Tx/RX communication activity



Datasheet: SP04B

DXF files Zip download

The SP04 module is ideal if you need to connect legacy serial equipmet to your infrastructure, could be serial based DNP3, 60870, modbus, omron, DF1 all drivers that we have. As a result, you can connect the past with the future. Try ou the online configurator, it will take care of power consumption, needed backplanes, basically it will hold your hand from end to end. We also have super how to videos that will explain how to use the module, setup drivers and give inspiration.

Alternative use of the module:

Disable all LAN ports on your PLC/RTU and only allow connection through a seriel port. Run Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).  Then programmg and website acess is only possible through a serial port. Serial ports is not the Hackers cup of tea. Hence.. you need to be beside the equipment to make your attempt. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT   <—-

Introduction to LB2 I/O Series

The Brodersen LB2 I/O modules are designed for the RTU32M & RTU32N series. The I/O modules are in two parts, a bottom part containing the backplane bus, and a top part containing the I/O board and logic. All LB2 modules are hot swappable and equipped with a 200 MHz processor to process I/O, handle filtering, SOE, debounce, module clock and general module logic. Diagnostic variables are available for all LB2 I/O modules. Please see the module datasheets for full info.

Module firmware update is handled at the RTU level from the Brodersen WorkSuite.

Use only genuine Brodersen bus cables for connection to Brodersen RTUs and for extension of I/O module blocks. The connection cables for the LB2 backplane bus are designed to meet the power requirements and shielding to run high speed communications. The maximum overall length of a complete system is 40 meters. Each LB2 I/O module & power supply module is calculated as 2 cm. The cables are as the length indicates, e.g. UCC-610/1 count as 100 cm.

The maximum system configuration is 60 I/O modules on one LB2 Bus. If the configuration exceeds 60 I/O modules, an additional CPU is required.