Application End Users

Application End Users

Brodersen works closely with some of the most successful and demanding companies around the world, offering our assistance in, for example, design and development of automation, monitoring and communication solutions. This is often done in collaboration with engineering consultants and system integrators and always with simplicity for the application end user in mind.


The typical application end users are engaged within infrastructure development and the utility sectors. With more than four decades to our credit we have gathered a vast experience and many references in various industries.


As part of the services supplementing Brodersen products, we have assisted end users by:


  • Special engineering knowledge about large system communication design
  • Adaptation of product platforms according to specific needs
  • Sharing best practice application experiences across industries and locations
  • Ensuring flexible solutions upgradable and adaptable to changing needs and integration variations
  • Assisting in capability studies and definition of systems and network communication strategies
  • Collaborating with engineering consultants and system integrators to ensure future proof and commercially viable solutions

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