Obsolete software

Straton Configuration Tools Series 5000
(Discontinued from 10/01/2014)

The STRATON software tools used for configure and program RTU32 Series products have been replaced by the new Brodersen WorkSuite package.

Straton Tools Series 5000 Downloads:

Straton Tools Series 5000 Product Change Notification

BCON Win, Getting Started



Simple & Quick Configuration of RTU870 Series

  • Simplified and fast configuration of the RTU870 Series
  • Automatic scan function of relevant RTU870 configuration
  • Configure the IEC60870-5-101 Slave driver with flexible ASDU addressing etc.
  • Support IEC60870-5-101 dial connection configuration
  • Documentation of configuration of RTUs in simple text-based report


Complete Driver & Configuration Tool for RTU8, RTUCOM & RTU870

  • Database and driver package for easy managing RTU8 and RTUCOM application networks
  • Simplified and fast automatic configuration with automatic scanning of complete networks
  • Local and remote IEC61131 PLC programming tool for RTU8, RTU870 and RTUCOM
  • IOExplorer – online monitoring tool for your complete network
  • Local and full remote PLC control programming of RTUs
  • Modbus NullModem, Modbus Modem and ModbusTCP drivers
  • Configuration and upload of historical time stamped data from RTUs