Software Tools

Code Generator Tool

Excel-based configuration tool for advanced IEC60870, WITS-DNP3 Slave & DNP3 Slave drivers

  • Create any IEC60870 driver and configuration in 15 minutes
  • Create WITS-DNP3 Slave driver and configuration in 15 minutes
  • Create your own project based on an XML template
  • Automatically generate your complete WorkSuite Project
  • Download the application code directly to the RTU32
  • Excel spreadsheet templates included for all IEC60870, WITS-DNP3 and DNP3 Slave Drivers
  • Link and configure physical IOs directly in the Excel spreadsheet
  • Remote distribution of configurations
  • Open and flexible design – Add your own modifications to existing templates

IEC60870 Simulator

Small Versatile PC Program used for testing your IEC60870 projects

  • IEC60870 Master/Slave communication details in readable text and in complete frames in Hex
  • Show and support several link layer communication options
  • Report any Events in Monitor Direction
  • Supports wide range of ASDU types in Control Direction
  • Standard functions like General Interrogation and Clock Synchronization

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