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Asset Management References

Irish Coast Guard, IRCG – Ireland

Project Name:

National Telecom Network

End user:

Irish Coast Guard




Sigma Wireless


2010 –


Monitoring of equipment in IRCG’s national telecom network by means of RTU32 – SNMP and global binding. IRCG needed an alarm system with the ability to send alarms from a number of remote sites to selected NOCs (Network Operations Centers). Moreover, the respective  sites needed to be able to exchange information. STRATON Global Binding has made this possible; a simple, yet powerful event-based communication set-up distributes control and alarm information from any site to any site.

Brodersen’s solution was chosen by IRCG in that RTU32 – as one of the few units on the market – supports SNMP and manages simple configurable distribution of alarm and control functions via network. Also, Brodersen was able to offer support as to pre-configuration of modules and provide online support for Sigma Wireless, in this way securing reduced time of development, installation and commissioning. Online support was offered as well under the final System Acceptance Test during which adjustments were required.

The Micha Design Company – UK

Project Name: Solar Panel Charger
End user:


Consultant: The Micha Design Company
Period: 2002 to date
Description: The Micha Design Company designs and manufactures its own range of solar control equipment for the PV market, including charge controllers and cathodic protection units as well as ancillary controls and equipment. Brodersen’s industrial dial-up and GSM modems are used to communicate remotely with the solar control equipment.

Ingersoll Rand – UK

Project Name: Compressor Monitoring
End user:

Ingersoll Rand

Consultant: Remsys Ltd
Period: 2004 to date
Description: Ingersoll Rand needs to monitor compressors installed on customer sites remotely via the Internet. The After Sales Services unit offers this to major customers as a preventative maintenance solution to reduce downtime. Brodersen’s GPRS Communicators, configured in the reverse gateway mode, are used extensively by Ingersoll Rand to monitor compressors across Europe. The reverse gateway mode allows Ingersoll Rand to use local SIM cards to send data back to the UK via the Internet without paying roaming charges.