8 x  relay output module with change over contact sets. with functionality like Hot Swap, Fail-safe with Force Low, Force High, Keep Last State,

200 MHz CPU, intelligent module that can make decision without the CPU card available.

Module variables include heartbeat, temperature, operating hours, hours since restart, restart counter, serial number, input voltage and many more…

8 Relay Module with change over contacts

Module power supply.

Supply voltage: 12 VDC +- 20 %
Power consumption: 25mA @ 12V plus 10mA for each activated relay output.

Relay Output.

8 mechanical non latching relay outputs, SPDT, Relay output: potential free contact SPDT (NO and NCa).

Load voltage:

Max 240 VAC, 125 VDC.

Load current resistive:                      

1 A @ 240VAC, 0.25A @ 125VDC, 2A @ 30VDC.

Output delay:                      

Typical 5 ms.


2 kV output to electronics, 1 minute.

Ambient temperature range:   

-40°C to +70°C

Contact set layout