20 bipolar optical isolated digital inputs for 30..60 VDC. The module is arranged in two sections of 10 inputs, with 2 common terminals for each section. Each section is isolated from each other with 2KV and to electronics. Input 0.. 9 and 10-19 provides counters, with up to 100 Hz counting frequency @ 50% duty cycle.

A user programmable debounce filter, in 1 ms units, is provided for each digital input, to filter out noise or mechanical relay bounce. This could also be used in combination with software counters, in case a low frequency mechanical contact is used for counters.

20 Digital Input Module 30-60 VDC

Digital Input voltage module type DI20B:

Input 0..9, 10..19  Activated 30-60 VDC

Input 0..9., 10-19 Deactivated Max 8 VDC

Digital Input current DI20B

Input 0..19  typical 3 mA @ 48 V

Input delay:         

100 µs typical.


2Kv input to electronics, 1 minute.

Ambient temperature range:         

-40°C to +70°C