Convert Flex IO to 60870 Server

Convert Flex IO to 60870 Server. It is the same as Converting ETH-IP to 60870-5-104 Server. It sounds like a difficult job. But we have made that part easy. Watch the Video, it is made by engineers to engineers. Not from sales to tech.

success is doing as he does in the Video It is that simple


  1. Watch Video
  2. Install the Worksuite, Software used in video
  3. Download the program created in video 
  4. Install code generator, (XML/EXCEL tool)
  5. Open the online configurator and design your solution.
  6. The time you save you enjoy that @ the beach.
 It does not matter if the FLEX IO is at multiple locations or if they are at many IP addresses. Multiple instances of drivers can be added, and all types of drivers can run simultaneously. 
If you are intrested in the 60870 test tool used in video

Software to Program RTU in

Program from youtube video

Code Generator youtube video

test tool from youtube video

The solution can be simple with only conversion of the ETH-IP to 60870-5-104 Server. But could also be where Brodersen IO modules  is part of the solution. Brodersen RTU can convert between all the protocols we support, for overview of the supported protocols & Drivers see here. If you wonder if our software suite will fulfill your needs, then don’t. We support up to +100K TAGS, and if you don’t like our +300 function blocks ready made for you, then you can add your own function blocks, either in C code or create the in the normal PLC environment where we have full IL, ST, LD, FB, SFB. Get more info at our software section