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I/O Modules UCL-xx for RTU32 Series, RTU870 & RTU8

Brodersen’s extended range of UCL-XX I/O Expansion modules can be used with all the RTUs covering RTU32 Series, RTU870 Series and the RTU8 Series.


Available I/O types include Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Relay Outputs, Analogue process signal Inputs, Analogue process signal Outputs, RTD and Thermocouple temperature sensor inputs etc. The I/O Expansion modules are connected to the RTUs and other I/O modules with UCC-5xx cables.


Our RTUs support various numbers of I/O Expansion modules. For outstations it is often required to have a mix of analogue and digital signals. For this purpose, there are combined modules available, e.g. UCL-28 having 12 Digital Inputs, 12 Digital Outputs and 4 Analogue Inputs. A typical installations where combined modules could be utilised are: Electrical Distribution Substations, Pump Control Facilities, Water Treatment Outstations,  Oil & Gas Sites, Telecom Towers.


All modules are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions, where 2 kV or above Input/Output isolation to electronics is a requirement. Standard factory automation normally requires isolation up to 500 V.


The I/O modules are automatically recognized by Brodersen RTUs, there is no need for inserting the modules in slots and download special configuration. Exchanging of modules can be done while the system is running online, there is no need for turning off the system if a module needs to be replaced. Remote Telemetry Sites are often exposed to lightning and extreme weather conditions. For this reason, the module replacement routine shall not require skilled engineers with programming experience.


For getting an overview of the different I/O modules, please refer to the I/O Expansion Modules, Overview Brochure.

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