The standard in Small Compact RTU, PLC & Utility Controllers


The Brodersen RTU32S Series is a small and compact RTU, PLC and Industrial Controller based on a 32-bit 200 MHz ARM CPU with a Realtime Operating System.

Unique flexibility in configuration and programming sets standard in combined RTU, PLC and Utility Gateway functionality. Unsurpassed user-friendly tools and well-known environments keep your application development quick and simplified.

The RTU32S is fully compatible to the other RTUs in the Brodersen RTU32 family – The high-performance RTU32 and RTU32R products. This gives you ultimate scalability in applications. You can use your straton application program from the RTU32s in any other RTU32 or RTU32R products – without any changes. And one application development tool for the complete RTU32 family reduces your project investment.

The Brodersen RTU32S Series is ideal for medium remote RTU deployment in your utility or infrastructure application. With a small footprint and versatility, the RTU32S series can take almost any role in remote utility applications such as small electricity distribution substations, water pumping stations, pipeline monitoring, traffic signaling solutions etc. RTU32S comes standard with 28 built in I/O. 16 digital IN, 8 digital OUT, 4 analogue IN. For all the I/O configurations see the datasheets. RTU32S supports Brodersen 3G plug & play modem. The modem is powered through USB.