8 x  relay output module with change over contact sets. with functionality like Hot Swap, Fail-safe with Force Low, Force High, Keep Last State,
200 MHz CPU, intelligent module that can make decision without the CPU card available. 
module variables ( Heartbeat, Temperature, Operating hours, Hours since restart, restart counter, serial number, input voltage…. and many more )

8 Relay Module with change over contacts

Module power supply.

Supply voltage: 12 VDC +- 20 %
Power consumption: 25mA @ 12V plus 10mA for each activated relay output.

Relay Output.

8 mechanical latching relay outputs, SPDT, Relay output: potential free contact SPDT (NO and NCa).

Load voltage:

Max 240 VAC, 125 VDC.

Load current resistive:                      

1 A @ 240VAC, 0.25A @ 125VDC, 2A @ 30VDC.

Output delay:                      

Typical 5 ms.


2 kV output to electronics, 1 minute.

Ambient temperature range:   

-40°C to +70°C

Contact set layout