4 DI & 4DO High Voltage (280 VDC DI, 300VDC output)

Combined module with 4 x  high voltage digital inputs and 4 x solid state relay outputs module, with functionality like Hot Swap and Fail -safe.
200 MHz CPU, intelligent module that can make decision without the CPU card available.
module variables ( Heartbeat, Temperature, Operating hours, Hours since restart, restart counter, serial number, input voltage…. and many more ).


Digital input voltage:      Input 0…3 Activated 180-280 VDC

                                          Deactivated Max 50 VDC

Digital input current:      Input 0…3 typical 1.6 mA @ 180 VDC

                                          Typical 2.5 mA @ 280 VDC


4 solid-state non-latching relay outputs (0-300VDC)

output:                   potential free contact SPST (NO).

Load voltage:        Max 300 VDC

Load current:        0.2A @ 300VDC (resistive load)

Output delay:        Typical 5ms

Isolation:               2KV output to electronics, 1 minute.


Power consumption (from backplane bus):

Current consumption (min):      25mA @ 12V

Current consumption (max):     65mA @ 12V

Power consumption (min):        300mW

Power consumption (max):       780mW

Introduction to LB2 I/O Series

The Brodersen LB2 I/O modules are designed for the RTU32M & RTU32N series. The I/O modules are in two parts, a bottom part containing the backplane bus, and a top part containing the I/O board and logic. All LB2 modules are hot swappable and equipped with a 200 MHz processor to process I/O, handle filtering, SOE, debounce, module clock and general module logic. Diagnostic variables are available for all LB2 I/O modules. Please see the module datasheets for full info.

Module firmware update is handled at the RTU level from the Brodersen WorkSuite.

Use only genuine Brodersen bus cables for connection to Brodersen RTUs and for extension of I/O module blocks. The connection cables for the LB2 backplane bus are designed to meet the power requirements and shielding to run high speed communications. The maximum overall length of a complete system is 30 meters. Each LB2 I/O module & power supply module is calculated as 2 cm. The cables are as the length indicates, e.g. UCC-610/1 count as 100 cm.

The maximum system configuration is 60 I/O modules on one LB2 Bus. If the configuration exceeds 60 I/O modules, an additional CPU is required.