Digital Input module with 20 bipolar optical isolated digital inputs for 12..24 VDC. The module is arranged in two sections of 10 inputs, with 2 common terminals for each section. Each section is isolated from each other with 2KV and to electronics. Input 0.. 9 and 10-19 provides counters, with up to 100 Hz counting frequency @ 50% duty cycle.
A user programmable debounce filter, in 1 ms units, is provided for each digital input, to filter out noise or mechanical relay bounce. This could also be used in combination with software counters, in case a low frequency mechanical contact is used for counters. 
In short The DI module is what you need. Rugged, fast, and a fair price tag to match it all 

20 Digital Input Module 10-30 VDC

Digital Input voltage module type DI20A:

Input 0..7, 10..19  Activated 10-30 VDC

Input 0..7 10..19   Deactivated Max 3 VDC              

Digital Input current DI20A

Input 0..7, 10..19  typical 2.5 mA @ 12 V
Input 0..7, 10..19  typical 5 mA @ 24 V

Input 8..9  typical 4 mA @ 12 V

Input 8..9 typical 8 mA @ 24 V

Input delay:         

100 µs.


2Kv input to electronics, 1 minute.

Ambient temperature range:         

-40°C to +70°C 

Customers in different industries that use our IO modules. 

Netweok Rail  

Thames Water 


UK power networks

Introduction to LB2 I/O Series

The Brodersen LB2 I/O modules are designed for the RTU32M & RTU32N series. The I/O modules are in two parts, a bottom part containing the backplane bus, and a top part containing the I/O board and logic. All LB2 modules are hot swappable and equipped with a 200 MHz processor to process I/O, handle filtering, SOE, debounce, module clock and general module logic. Diagnostic variables are available for all LB2 I/O modules. Please see the module datasheets for full info.

Module firmware update is handled at the RTU level from the Brodersen WorkSuite.

Use only genuine Brodersen bus cables for connection to Brodersen RTUs and for extension of I/O module blocks. The connection cables for the LB2 backplane bus are designed to meet the power requirements and shielding to run high speed communications. The maximum overall length of a complete system is 40 meters. Each LB2 I/O module & power supply module is calculated as 2 cm. The cables are as the length indicates, e.g. UCC-610/1 count as 100 cm.

The maximum system configuration is 60 I/O modules on one LB2 Bus. If the configuration exceeds 60 I/O modules, an additional CPU is required.