Digital Input.

12 unipolar optical isolated digital inputs for 90-125 VDC The module is arranged in two sections of 6 inputs. All inputs are 2 wire with separate common for each single input.  Each input channel is isolated from each other and electronics. 
A user programmable debounce filter, in 1 ms units, is provided for each digital input, to filter out noise or mechanical relay bounce. This could also be used in combination with software counters, in case a low frequency mechanical contact is used for counters.

12 Digital Input 90-125 VDC Module

Digital Input voltage:


Input 0..11      Activated 90-140 VDC

                         Deactivated Max 25 VDC

Digital Input current

Input 0..11 typical 2 mA @ 110 VDC

Module power supply.

Supply voltage: 12 VDC +- 20 %
Power consumption: 25mA @ 12V

Input delay:

100 µs typical.


2Kv input to electronics, 1 minute.

300 VAC input to input 1 minute.

Ambient temperature range:         

-40°C to +70°C