Scheduled Training

23-25 March. 2019                    Standard product training


11-13 July. 2019                    Standard product training


Brodersen product Training is an intensive course with hands on that covers all aspects of the utility protocols. Learn the standards-based protocol that serves as the communication link between substation computers, RTUs (Remote Terminal Units), IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and master stations.


Brodersen offers a comprehensive three-day training course focused on the utility  protocols.



DNP3 (Master/Slave Client/server, peer to peer, multimaster)

60870 (60870-5-101 Master/Slave, 60870-5-103, 60870-5-104 Client/server)

61850 (Client/server & Goose)

We link it all together in practical projects on the Brodersen Hardware.

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