System Integrators

Brodersen is the partner in choice for system integrators who are facing challenges in solving automation and communication problems by means of conventional products and rigid manufacturer services.


The services for system integrators are divided between presales support and integration & maintenance support. All services are performed in an effort to increase profitability and competitiveness for our partners, thereby also lowering total project lifecycle cost and resource investments.


We work technically hard to simplify application development and later services.


Examples of presales services provided for system integrators:


  • Feasibility assessments of project requirements (cost-to-sell vs. possibility to win)
  • Evaluation of cost to implement
  • Assistance in systems and application design to ensure commercially viable solutions
  • Adaptation of product platforms to large end user applications according to specific needs
  • Compile and structure tendering material
  • 24/7 available technical support by phone, online or email
  • Capability studies and definition of systems and network communication strategies
  • Guidance in systems security as redundancy hardware, software and communication

Examples of integration & maintenance support provided for system integrators:


  • Application and integration assistance from design to FAT & SAT
  • Sharing best practice application experiences across industries and locations
  • Start-up support as creating application program strategy and develop templates for PLC projects
  • 24/7 available technical support by phone, online or email
  • Support and training in configuration and programming of Brodersen products
  • Special training in internationally recognized communication protocols and drivers
  • Ensuring flexible solutions upgradable and adaptable to changing end user needs and integration variations
  • Evaluation and review of panel and wiring
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