Introduction to LB2 I/O Series



The Brodersen LB2 modules can be used with RTU32N & RTU32M series. The I/O modules are in two parts, bottom part containing the backplane bus, and top part containing the I/O board and logic. All LB2 modules are hot plug. LB2 modules are all equipped with 200 MHz processor to process I/O, handle filtering, SOE, debounce, module clock and general module logic. Dianogstic variables are avalibe for all LB2 modules. See the module datasheets for full info.

Firmware update is handled from RTU level in Brodersen worksuite.

Use only genuine Brodersen bus cables for connection to Brodersen RTUs and extension of I/O module blocks. The connection cables for LB2 is special made to handle the power requirements and shielding to run communication. The maximum overall length of complete system is 5m. Each I/O module & Power supply module is calculated as 2 cm. The cables are as the length indicates, e.g. UCC-610/1 count as 100 cm.


Maximum possible system configuration is 250 I/O modules on one LB2 Bus.


Design files for download

LB2 I/O modules DXF files


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