SoftPLC Runtime
The SoftPLC Runtime for PC & Server Applications

The SoftPlc Runtime is a basic component enabling unlimited possibilities when to create and configure applications using the universal WorkSuite Integrated Development Environment. This includes editors for the IEC61331-3 language, online debugging tools, a soft scope, fieldbus configuration tools and much more.


The SoftPLC Runtime for PC/Servers is a powerful supplement to Brodersen RTU Series that gives you many benefits:

  • Managing your entire runtime development of all runtimes and communication designs in one single environment – the WorkSuite
  • Exchanging fast event-based and reliable distributed communication between any runtimes, RTU or PC – just link together variables defined in your WorkSuite projects
  • OPC Server for access to SCADA systems
  • Zenon SCADA accessibility to both realtime and historical time stamped event data in several ways


Supported Drivers & Protocols:

  • STRATON Distributed Binding Protocol
  • OPC DA Server
  • IEC61850 Server, inclusive GOOSE
  • IEC61850 Client
  • IEC60870-5-101 Slave
  • IEC60870-5-104 Server
  • IEC61400-25
  • DNP3 Server & Slave
  • Modbus Full Suite
  • IEC C37.118
  • ProfiBus DP Master & DP Slave
  • ProfiNET Client
  • COMLI Master
  • And several more


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