Simple & Quick Configuration of RTU870 Series

IOTOOL870 is a simple Configurator for the RTU870 Series required for setting up the EN/IEC60870-5-101 Slave driver. It can automatically read the current I/O configuration of the connected RTU870 and you can easily configure your required Single / Double Point Information / Commands, Measured Values, Time Tag type etc.

Connect the RTU870 to your PC via a serial port (COM/USB) and use less than 5 minutes to configure the RTU870.  You can create a configuration report and save your configuration in a project file for future use.

IOTOOL870 Features:

  • Simplified and fast configuration of the RTU870 Series
  • Automatic scan function of relevant RTU870 configuration
  • Configure the IEC60870-5-101 Slave driver with flexible ASDU addressing etc.
  • Support IEC60870-5-101 dial connection configuration
  • Documentation of configuration of RTUs in simple text-based report
  • Save the RTU870 configuration in a file


IOTOOL870 Downloads

Data Sheets & Manuals

IOTOOL870 User Guide


Guides & Compliance Documents

RTU870 IEC60870-5-101 Interoperability doc


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RTU870 Series

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