A Complete Driver & Configuration Tool for RTU8, RTUCOM & RTU870

IOTOOL32 Pro is a powerful and unique 32 bit software tool that enables you to communicate with distributed input and output points and transfer the data into your central Server/host PC.

IOTOOL32 Pro software runs on a standard PC, is installed from a single CD-ROM and includes a complete set of tools – all that is necessary for a professional monitoring system. IOTOOL32 Pro works with all Brodersen Telemetry and Fieldbus products and also with accessories from other suppliers, capable of exchanging data through Brodersen modules. IOTOOL32 Pro collects and manages distributed data quickly and easily via Modbus, Modem, GSM, GPRS or Radio.

The IOTOOL32 Pro package provides an open APIs for SCADA systems to access both systems I/Os and historical data from the remote RTUs. IOTOOL32 Pro includes an RTU configuration editor plus a local PLC runtime development tool B-CONW.

IOExplorer is the RTU configuration editor that works with distributed I/O in a similar way to Windows Explorer dealing with files. IOExplorer will scan the hardware for automatic configuration and provide a graphical view of the system. IOExplorer can also be used for monitoring of the actual values of the distributed I/O as well as configuration of module parameters such as telephone numbers, modem initialization string etc. IOExplorer functions as the main window of IOTOOL32 Pro. From here you can access the other software modules by just clicking the associated program Icon.

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