IEC60870 Configurator for RTU32
Excel-based Configuration of Advanced IEC60870 Driver(s) in RTU32

The EN/IEC60870 Configurator is a powerful tool that enables you to create EN/IEC60870 Drivers in the RTU32. By use of MS Excel you can simply define the properties of your driver, list your ASDUs and in one process compile and download it into your RTU32.

You can create multiple drivers, -101, -103 and -104. It supports both configuration of Master/Slaves and Client/Server drivers. You can configure -104 redundancy groups with multiple Client driver access.

The tool requires STRATON WorkBench Unlimited license, but can be used without any prior knowledge of STRATON. Download the configuration directly in the RTU32. Should you also need local control, e.g. grouping of Single Point Information, you can benefit from all the features and facilities offered by the RTU32 PLC program. Moreover, you can change your driver later without compromising sub-programs of your PLC projects.

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