Brodersen WorkSuite
The Integrated Development Tool for RTU32 Series

  • Full IEC61131 compliant PLC programming tool with all 5 languages SFC, FBD, LD, IL and ST
  • Powerful compiler and full remote connection to your RTU32
  • Online changes – add functions and programs from one cycle to the next
  • Online tools for debugging, individual program start/stop and other smart tools like soft oscilloscope etc.
  • Multiple communication driver support
  • Number of tools such as: OPC Server, Viewer for WebServer HMI, toolkits for developing your own Functions/Function Blocks and drivers etc.


Software Tools
Ease of use tools for code generating and configuration

  • EN/IEC60870 Configurator for RTU32
  • EN/IEC60870 Master/Client Tool
  • IOTOOL870 Configuration of RTU870


SoftPLC Runtime
The SoftPLC Runtime for PC & Server Applications

  • Manage your entire runtime development  in one single environment – the WorkSuite
  • Exchange fast event-based and reliable distributed communication between any runtimes, RTU or PC
  • OPC Server for access to SCADA systems
  • Zenon SCADA accessibility to both realtime and historical time stamped event data
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