RTU32R SNMP Alarm & Control
Flexible 19” SNMP Alarm & Control for Network Management Application

The RTU32R is one of the most powerful and versatile SNMP Alarm and Control devices on the market.

Besides offering you all the standard SNMP Agent functions like Trap, Get and Set, the RTU32-R can also provide standard programmable function. Any kind of special control and communication functions can be programmed in a standard IEC61131-3 PLC language. This means that you with the RTU32R supporting programming facility will be able to meet any end customer requirements.

The benefit of using the local control and management functions provided in the PLC program facility is that it can be used for:

  • Enhanced intelligent alarm handling and control
  • Local independent control functions as access control, dedicated UPS monitoring, power consumption monitoring and reporting, controlled actions as special shut down procedures etc.
  • Fast and event-based reliable distribution of digital or analogue I/O signal from any remote site to another. Even string messages are distributable
  • Data communication with onsite equipment with a range of serial or Ethernet-based drivers – e.g. meters, charger controllers and HVAC systems
  • Data logging of time stamped events in standard CSV files. You can freely design what and how plus you get time stamps with up to milliseconds resolution

The RTU32R is basically configured via the integrated WebServer using your browser. All network settings and SNMP configuration of SNMP Traps, Get, GetNext and Set settings for physical I/O can be configured directly.

If you prefer to use Visual Studio and C++ or C# programming to manipulate data before sending SNMP it is also possible. A SDK and Toolkit are available from Brodersen A/S offering sample codes etc.

RTU32R is available with integrated I/O and a number of I/O Expansion modules in 1U height can be connected to the RTU32R supporting digital inputs/outputs and analogue signals. All digital inputs and outputs status are available via LEDs on the front of RTU32R.

The RTU32R and the I/O Expansion units are both designed in 19” racks format, 1U heights and depth of 250 mm.

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