SNMP Alarm & Control
Flexible Network Management

RTU32 Series products supporting SNMP: RTU32R, RTU32E, RTU32.

Application note on State wide regional Fire Authority a solution build around RTU32R


As an SNMP agent, the primary role of RTU is to mediate remote site alarms to SNMP traps and forward them to SNMP Network Managers.
It is easy to filter out any unimportant data as you can select to not send a trap for each individual alarm, although, of course, all inputs can be mediated to SNMP traps. The analogue inputs send traps for up to 4 thresholds. The SNMP Manager can retrieve live actual readings from analogue inputs by issuing Get and GetNext commands. Set commands issued to the RTU will activate the control output relays, for turning onsite equipment on and off, locking and unlocking doors etc. The RTU32 series can report up to 4 SNMP managers at different IP addresses simultaneously, which makes it easy to filter alarms to different departments. Brodersen Agent provides you with additional device network information and statistics. The debounce filters can be applied to avoid chatter on inputs so 1-10 ms pulses are ignored if filter is applied.


The RTU32 Series supports up to several hundred I/O of each type. Additional I/Os are connected easily via I/O Expansion modules and the following I/Os can be provided:

  • Digital inputs: 12-24VDC, 24-72VDC and 110-230VAC
  • Digital outputs: PNP 12-24VDC, PNP 30-60VDC and relay outputs
  • Analogue inputs: 0-10V, -10-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, Pt100 and thermocouple sensors
  • See selection of avalible I/O modules


The RTU32 Series also Features:

  • SNMP Agent alarm and controls with flexible I/O configurations
  • Support up to hundreds digital and analogue type inputs and outputs
  • Simple and complete configuration via your browser
  • Dynamic MIB for any I/O Configuration
  • Compact and designed for reliabilityRTU32
  • Full remote management from your browser or your Network Management System
  • Optional support for:
    • Simple or intelligent handling of I/O transfer over your network
    • Local manipulation of I/O data – e.g. for grouping alarms


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