Next Generation RTU

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Brodersen Next Generation RTU32N Series with advanced RTU/PLC functionality.
The RTU32N series is based on 32-bit architecture and provides the RTU/PLC with power and leading edge functionality. RTU32N provides open and adjustable platform with both the power and functionality required to control advanced industrial applications. RTU32N supports up to 4 PLC kernels simultaneously.

This enables the user to have e.g communication settings in one program, PLC logic in second, process recording in third, and the fourth PLC kernel…just because we can. Add drivers on the fly, all drivers are already in the RTU32N, type in the license nr. when you need to interface with something new.

Physical communication interfaces include 2 x LAN 10/100MBit/s, 4 x COM ports and 2 x USB ports. The RTU32N offers support for communication devices like data radios, GSM/GPRS/3G, Wi-Fi, dial-modems etc. Making it the perfect future proof solution for new applications and for mounting in areas where there are no hardwired communication facilities.

The RTU32N supports a variety of standard and open protocols such as Modbus, IEC60870, DNP3 and IEC61850, HSR, PRP. It also includes the fast event based Binding protocol – a quick and reliable way of distributing time stamped event data between any Brodersen RTU32 series on the network.

The RTU32N has a web-based configuration interface for setup of the RTU ‘personality’ e.g. IP address, VPN, IO range, Slave address etc. Additional RTU functionality, including logic, messaging and logging are configured in the Brodersen WorkSuite. And is supports the new I/O system based on LB2 Bus

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