RTU32M Small & Powerful

  • Flexible Architecture
    Start with a CPU and power supply, then add I/O or system modules (4x serial, 4x Ethernet, VGA etc).
  • Powerful and ‘future proof’ CPU
    200-900MHz software scalable. Pay as you go. Need more power, buy more power. same hardware
  • Distributed I/O in a fixed or segmented arrangement
    Create an RTU solution using up to 250 I/O modules, that can be distributed in multiple segments/blocks.
  • Smart Modules with ID, Data Quality and Timestamps
    Enhanced I/O processing.  In addition to reporting of data values – modules also report data quality, firmware and hardware revision, status, timestamp of last change (1ms resolution) and serial numbers.
  • Compact Size – with front terminations
    Each module is only 110mmH x 25mmW x 95mmD
  • Hot Swap, Redundancy (CPU, I/O, PS) NV RAM
    No Battery inside, super-capacitor for RTC etc. NV RAM is FE RAM
  • Scalable from Zero I/O to more I/O than you will ever need!

Next Generation RTURTU32N

  • Powerful RTU, PLC and Industrial Controller
  • Redundancy Support
  • Reliable Real Time Operating System
  • Communication interfaces: 2 x Ethernet and 4 x COM Ports
  • Integrated I/Os and I/O Expansion via Brodersen LocalBus
  • Includes power supply monitoring
  • Full remote management

Small, compact, powerful RTU, PLC and Utility Controller

  • Small, but yet powerful RTU for utility applications
  • Flexible communication gateway and I/O options
  • Supports Brodersen Plug & Play 3G modem
  • WebServer configuration and programmable in all PLC languages
  • Fully compliant with other RTU32 Series products
  • Unique communication gateway functions – DNP3, IEC60870, Modbus and many more…
  • Compact and designed for reliability in harsh environments
  • Full remote management

Powerful RTU and PLC

  • Fully integrated and versatile RTU, PLC and Networking Controller
  • Open and flexible platform for a variety of industrial and utility applications
  • WebServer configuration and full IEC61131-3 PLC compliance
  • Unique communication gateway – IEC61850, IEC60870, DNP3, Modbus, DF1 and many more!
  • 32-bit 500 MHz industrial hardware platform with or without integrated I/O
  • Supports Brodersen plug & Play 3G modem
  • Compact and designed for reliability in harsh environments
  • Full remote management

Only 1U in height and amazingly fast

  • Programmable in all PLC language
  • Connect over 1,000 I/O
  • 1 ms time stamping
  • Redundant with a mouse click
  • Supports all the drivers you need
  • RTU32R gives you the freedom: RTU, Data concentrator, PLC, Gateway
  • Program or firmware update hundreds of RTU32R simultaneously for zero downtime in our programming suite
  • Data logging of time stamped events also in standard CSV files or direct to SCADA
  • IEC-60870 configurator suite, no need for programming

Superfast RTU with large I/O count

  • RTU with 64 built in I/O (32 DI, 16 Relay out SPDT, 12 AI 14 bit, 4 AO 14 bit
  • All DI are also working as 32bit counter inputs, up to 1KHz
  • 1 MB NVRAM, 2 x LAN, 4 x RS-232, 2 x USB
  • WebServer configuration and full IEC61131-3 PLC compliance
  •  IEC61850, IEC60870, DNP3, DNP3 WITS, Modbus, DF1 and many more!
  • Supports Brodersen plug & Play 3G modem
  • Compact and designed for reliability in harsh environments
  • Ideal for replacement of legacy RTUs, without the need for rewiring cabinets!

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