Industrial GPRS Communicator & Wireless Networking Module

The UCM-97 is an innovative GPRS Communicator developed for IP-based communication with remote processes via the public Internet or private networks. With the UCM-97 GPRS Communicator Module, features offered by ordinary wireless networking facilities via TCP/IP are accessible. It provides online, wireless GPRS networking of different devices and supports industrial functions such as extended watchdog.


User-friendly configuration tools are provided for:


  • GPRS Wireless Ethernet routing and NAT (Network Address Translations)
  • GPRS Wireless ModbusTCP to Serial ModbusRTU
  • GPRS Wireless remote COM port options
  • GPRS Wireless Communication with all Brodersen RTUs

The built-in WebServer enables configuration of all necessary settings, including enhanced features such as industrial watchdog settings and domain name services. In addition, the UCM-97 Communicator features serial tunnelling of serial data via GPRS networks.


The isolated power supply (12-48V) interface ensures trouble-free operation, even in the toughest industrial environment. A number of LEDs on the front indicates the operating and communication modes.


SIM card slot and FME antenna connector are placed on the top of the module.


All Brodersen modems are guaranteed full compliance with Brodersen RTUs.

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