New Combined Power supply/Charger

UCS-CHR series is a combined charger and power supply with dedicated outputs for both charging and power supply. With a large input range 85~264VAC/ 120~370 VDC the series suits most applications requiring a combined power supply and charger in a small form factor. There are two different output types 12VDC or 24VDC with a range from 55 Watt to 155 Watt.

UCS-CHR series charges by floating charge. Floating charge enables the power supply to determine where the watts are required instead of a fixed ratio between power supply and charger.

When mains power fails UCS-CHR automatically switches to feed the application with battery supply uninterrupted. (UPS function).

UCS-CHR has two relay out for mains missing & Battery low. The potential free relays are closed when no failure. (fail safe)

UCS-CHR series can be backplane mounted or on DIN rail.


UCS-CHR series has

  • Adjustable Voltage Range
  • Output Overload Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection with auto recovery
  • Battery Reverse Connection Indication

  • Battery Low Voltage Protection

  • AC mains failure relay
  • Batt. low failure relay.




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