STEG Gaz SCADA – Tunisia

Project Name:Télégéstion et SCADA du Réseau de Gaz
End user:STEG
Contractor:ABB Utiltities Gmbh, Mannheim – Germany
Period:2009 to 2013
Description:The project covers the supply and installation of a complete SCADA system for gas distribution network in Tunisia, covering 170 sites connected to 5 SCADA centres by radio communication.


Brodersen’s scope covered the procurement, programming, testing, commissioning and start-up of 170 RTU cabinets that include RTUs, redundant RF modems, marshalling terminal connectors with RF antenna and surge protection.

In addition, Brodersen provided the RF survey and simulation, designed the communication system using IEC60870-5-101 over radio and implemented special drivers to communicate with specific field instruments such as chromatographs, calculators and correctors.

Gas Pipeline – Iran

Project Name:Line Break Valves Monitoring – 1,000 km Pipeline
End user:N/A
Contractor:Cegelec Anlagen Automatisierungstechnik Gmbh – Germany
Description:Cegelec Anlagen und Automatisierungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG has worked in partnership with Brodersen on a gas project in Iran for monitoring line break valves on a 1,000 km pipeline. Brodersen has delivered 115 RTUs for use in low power applications powered by solar panels. The communication is based on a satellite system with a local host. These RTUs are operating flawlessly in many different climates and temperatures.

BP Italy

Project Name:Gas Shore Loading Station
End user:BP
Contractor:ABB Oil and Gas Offshore Technologies
Description:Docking and pipeline monitoring on a gas discharge station for gas tanker.

GASAG – Berlin, Germany

Project Name:Gas Monitoring & Control
End user:GASAG Berlin
Period:1999 to 2000
Description:A turnkey solution including monitoring, metering and control for a big gas distribution pump station. zenon used for HMI.

Badenwerke Gas – Germany

Project Name:Remote Metering & Alarm Monitoring
End user:ENBW
Description:Metering and monitoring high volume end customer transfer stations. GSM communication with EN/IEC60870-5-101 protocol.

Bodenseewerke – Germany

Project Name:Monitoring of Metering & Distribution Network
End user:Bodenseewerke
Description:Monitoring and control of water extraction from Bodensee. About 30 outstations on water wells and sites. Communication via GSM network.

Transco – UK

Project Name:HMI
End user:Transco
Period:2000 to 2004
Description:Supply of 2000+ text display units with VT100 interface as part of Transco’s telemetry solution.

Tiffany Telecom – UK

Project Name:Oil Platform
End user:Unknown
Consultant:Tiffany Telecom
Description:Supply of Bitbus modules with I/Os as part of a monitoring and control solution on an oil platform in the North Sea.
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