Analysis & Implementation of the IEC 61850 Standard

Brodersen participated as a professional partner in a master thesis from The Technical University of Denmark. The thesis from 2008, was an analysis of the implementation of the IEC 61850 standard in electrical substations.

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Project description

IEC 61850 is the new international standard for substation automation in electric power systems.

IEC 61850 is designed to be future-proof and compared to older standards it introduces object orientation and contains a complete protocol providing full interoperability.

In this project, the standard is analysed and part of it is implemented on a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) made available by Brodersen Controls A/S. The RTU runs Windows CE, and hence the implementation is carried out on a reduced .NET framework using C# as the programming language. The end-product will be tested in a small-scale power system against a SCADA system.

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