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Start with a CPU and power supply, then add I/O and system modules. Communication interfaces: 2 x Ethernet and 2xUSB. Powerful and ‘future proof’ CPU 200-900MHz software scalable. Pay as you go. Need more power, buy more power. same hardware.

12-24 VDC



RTU with or without embedded I/Os. Communication interfaces: 2 x Ethernet and 4 x COM Ports and 2xUSB. Integrated I/Os and I/O Expansion via Brodersen LocalBus Includes power supply monitoring

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LB2 I/O Bus power calculation Power calculation

    Performance options and Protocols

    All (*) options on this page are enabled by a license on the RTU. You can select the mimimum you need now and acquire more options later.
    This means if you need an extra driver later on or you find out that your application requires more CPU speed, RAM or I/Os, you can acquire it later.
    (*)Except the "Features" options.
    CPU Speed RAM size I/O Count Features

    Fieldbus drivers class A license Fieldbus drivers class B license

    Protocols always included:

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    RTU Configurator (#12)
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